Think Smart...
Go Organic.

CBD under the Smart Organics brand name.  Starting in the finest fertile fields of Europe, our hemp is 100% certified non-GMO, and only the best quality hemp is chosen for refinement of our product.  Fresh from the fields, our hemp is brought to our state of the art facitily where it undergoes comprehensive testing to ensure potency and efficacy.  From there it undergoes our patented three phase filtration and super critical carbon dioxide extraction process, rendering our oil virtually free of unwanted psycho active components. 

Breakdown of milligrams per serving for each CBD product:

  • CBD Relieving Salve - Proprietary blend. Contains about 5% (33 mg) CBD per 1 oz. jar

  • CBD Oil 100 mg Pump Spray - 1.25 mg CBD per serving (2 pumps)

  • CBD Oil 160 mg - 5.3 mg CBD per dropper

  • Advanced CBD Oil w/ Terpenes 240 mg - 7 mg CBD per dropper, 1 mg ginkgo biloba derived terpene lactone

  • CannaKids CBD Oil 285 mg oil w/ DHA - 9.5 mg CBD, 5 mg DHA per dropper

  • Advanced CBD Oil Calm 285 mg - 9.5 mg CBD, 0.5 mg beta caryophyllene per dropper

  • Advanced CBD Oil Slumber 285 mg - 9.5 mg CBD, 0.5 mg linalool per dropper

  • CBD Oil 315 mg - 10.5 mg CBD per dropper

  • Advanced CBD Oil Terpene Complex 375 mg - 10 mg CBD per dropper, 2.5 mg 7 botanically derived terpenes

  • Maximum Strength CBD Oil 600 mg - 20 mg CBD per dropper

  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1200 mg - 40 mg CBD per dropper

  • CBD Soft Gels from Hemp Stalk - 25 mg CBD per gel, per serving

  • Phyto Rich CBD Capsules from Hemp Extract - 25 mg CBD per capsule, 50 mg per serving

  • Hemp Pet CBD Oil - 5.3 mg CBD per dropper

  • Hemp Pet Vitality Plus - plant based proprietary blend with collagen, plus 5 mg CBD per tablet 

  • Hemp Pet Joint & Wellness - plant based proprietary blend, plus 5 mg CBD per tablet 


Note: This product is made and distributed in compliance with federal law. It is produced exclusively from stalk of the Europe Industrial Hemp Plant. THC in our products is 0.3% or less. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.