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Certificate of Analysis
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Hemp Pet CBD Oil

Available below you will find all necessary documentation to ensure the quality, safety, and integrity of our product including: certificates of analysis for raw material used along with third-party lab analysis of the final product. 

Click (or scan) the QR for your product's batch number. 

Can't find the batch number? Check the bottom of your box, bottle, or the side of the label on the bottle. Still not sure? Don't hesitate to call our office for assistance. 

Lot Number #

Don't see your lot number? We can help you access COA's for older lots.

Call 516.728.2900 or email us for your bottle's lot specific COA now!

Smart Organics Inc. only uses ISO certified third-party labs.

This product is a power-packed comprehensive blend of herbs, protein, roots chlorophyll, and an essential fatty acid-rich blend PLUS a 100% whole-plant hemp extract standardized to contain 5 mg of cannabinoids per chewable tablet. Vitality Plus is designed to increase energy, health and overall well being for your pet. Something your pet can look forward to before long car rides, grooming, vet visits, or traveling for it may assist in calming and soothing your pet's nerves.* Provide the best possible experience for your loved pet with Hemp Pet Vitality Plus

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