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All Smart Organics products are sent out to be tested for quality assurance by ISO certified third-party laboratories. Below are the lab results for previously tested batches, which ensure the integrity and contents of our products.
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CBD Oil from Hemp 160 mgs.jpg
160 mgs
CBD Oil from Hemp 315 mgs.png
315 mgs
Maximum Stregth CBD Oil 600 mgs.png
600 mgs
Full Spectrum CBD Oil from Hemp Stalk 12
1200 mgs
Advanced CBD Oil Terpenes 240 mgs.png
240 mgs
Advanced CBD Oil from Hemp with Terpenes
375 mgs
Advanced CBD Oil Slumber with Linalool 2
285 mgs
Advanced CBD Oil Calm with Beta 285 mgs.
285 mgs
Children & Youth
CBD Oil Pump Spray 100 mgs.jpg
100 mgs
CBD Oil Cannakids with DHA 285mgs.jpg
285 mgs
Hemp Pet
Hemp Pet CBD Oil  160 mgs box.jpg
Pet Oil
160 mgs
Hemp Pet Vitality Plus Tablets.jpg
Vitality Plus
5 mgs
Hemp Pet Joint and Wellness Tablets.jpg
Joint & Wellness
5 mgs
More CBD
CBD from Standardized Hemp Stalk Oil sof
Phyto Rich CBD from Hemp Extract 50 mgs
CBD Relieve Salve.jpg
Relieving Salve
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